☆Floor plan☆

☆We are Elephant class☆

Hi! I’m John, I will be teaching Elephant this year. I’m from a small town in the North of England so I have a lot of phrases that are not so common to other teachers here.
This is my first year teaching Nencho but I’m looking forward to the challenge and to seeing the kids grow and develop as the year progresses.
I look forward to getting to know you all and enjoying a productive year together.

Elephant classの担任をさせて頂いています 『川畑 千恵子(かわばた ちえこ)』です!!
可愛い子ども達と一緒にNo Japaneseで、Englishも楽しみながら頑張りたいと思います!年長さんにとって幼稚園生活最後の1年…たくさんの素敵な思い出をつくりましょうね☆

☆We are Bear class☆

Hi! I’m Craig, I’m from the North of England and this year I am the English teacher for Bear Class.
I like playing guitar and spending time in the countryside. Let’s have fun learning English together!

Bear classの担任をさせて頂いています『松生明日香(まついけ あすか)』です。

☆We are Tiger class☆

My name is Keira Travers and I’m from Kent in the U.K.
This is my first year at I School and I’m very excited to be teaching Tiger Class with Inumaru Sensei!
I like going to the gym and walking.
I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

Tiger Classの担任をさせて頂いています「いぬまる はなさ」です。
可愛い Tiger Class のみんなと English を楽しみながら、この1年間たくさんの思い出を作っていきたいと思います!!!

☆We are Lion class☆

My name is Georgina Young. I’m from Wales in the UK. This year I’m teaching Lion Class with Urabe sensei. It’s my third year teaching Nenchu and I’m excited to play many games with you in English! In my free time I like hiking and video games. I look forward to meeting you all!

こんにちは。Lion Classの担任をさせて頂いています占部愛珠 (うらべなるみ)です。今年は私にとって幼稚園の先生として初めての年になります。Georgina 先生と一所懸命がんばりますのでどうぞ宜しくお願い致します。
趣味は旅行に行くこと家で映画を見ることです。Lion Class のみんなと楽しく一年間過ごしたと思います。沢山の思い出を作りましょうね。

☆We are Panda class☆

Hello! I’m Chris sensei and I am teaching Panda class this year.
I’m from Nebraska in America and this will be my fifth year teaching at “I” School.
I’m so excited to be here and teach English to Nensho again and look forward to having many happy memories with everyone!

Panda classの担任をさせて頂いています「柳田波希(やなぎたなみき)」です!
これからPanda classでChris先生と一緒に毎日笑顔で頑張りたいと思います。
私もNo Japaneseできるようにがんばります💪🏼たくさんの思い出を作りましょう♪

☆We are Koala class☆

Hello! My name is Lena. I’m from Wisconsin in the United States.
I enjoy watching movies and drawing.
My goal this year is to learn how to play the piano.
Let’s grow together in Koala class and have lots of fun! ♡

Koala Classの担任をさせて頂いております、西村明日香(にしむらあすか)です。

☆We are Rabbit class☆

My name is Brittney. This will be my fifth year teaching kindergarten and my second year with two-year-old kids. Together with Watabe Sensei, I look forward to watching Rabbit class grow and take big steps.

こんにちは Rabbit classの担任をさせて頂きます「渡部沙紀」です。最近は、ヨガにハマってしまい休日はヨガライフを満喫しています。
Rabbit classのお友達が毎日楽しいと思えるように頑張りたいと思います。1年間宜しくお願い致します。